So here you are!!

You’ve found me! I’m extremely excited our paths are crossing and welcome to my blog! After losing 75 pounds in 2001, my journey has lead me to years of writing, blogging and facilitating Weight Watchers meetings about healthy living. I’ve met many wonderful people and learned a lot about who I am and what’s important in life.  Dealing weight and body image issues from a young age was something I despised, but like many things in life, I’ve come to recognize the countless blessings I’ve received while working through the struggle.  My true passion…what I really love to do…is help others see and feel all the good within themselves.  Weight challenges can feel lonely but the fact is, we are never alone. We all connected and our power increases when we share it. You have all that you need within you to accomplish anything you wish and I’m right here ready to support you!  Let’s share ideas and enjoy the journey together!!  Remember, All is Well!

How To Find Terra….
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