You Do You

I love this quote! I think it’s empowering and inspiring. I also think it could read “The greatest act of SELF CARE is to be and own all that you are. Without apology. Without excuses and without any masks to cover the truth of who you truly are.”

Self care. It does take courage. It takes courage to stand up, even if it’s just ourself…..especially to ourselves since often we are our own worst critics…and say “I need ______ today.” We each fill in the our own blank. Maybe it’s a day of rest or it’s a long walk alone or it’s to be around people who lift our spirits. Our to do lists will be accomplished with more joy if we have gotten ourselves in a good place first. None of us live our best lives when we are frazzled from doing everything we “should” be doing while neglecting to carve out time to also do what brings us joy.

I’ll be leading both of my regular Weight Watchers meetings this week and I’m also subbing a few additional meetings. Hope to see you all soon!!!

All is well!



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  • Nancy Sohn

    I love this, Terra. It reminds me a bit of something our family was passing around a couple of days ago. (It’s a four minute video; be sure to be patient thru the first minute; that’s just the set-up. All of the substance then follows.)

    • Terra

      Nancy! Thanks for sharing this video. Really powerful and so true. Anyone else reading this….I, too, highly recommend taking a few minutes to watch the video!! Going to send to my boys too❤️

  • CJ

    We need to put ourselves on ”our list”! We matter – and we can be ”better me’s” if we take care of ourselves!!!

    • Terra

      Well said!!!

  • Diane Sloan

    Hi Terra.
    Thank you for your wonderful and honest blog. WW is very lucky to have you, and I was lucky to be in your group before moving away.
    I recently read “The Love Warrior’ by Glennon Doyle. I didn’t agree with everything in it, but it has the message to be and own all that you are – and also to own all the pain and beauty in your life. Pretty interesting read!

    • Terra

      Thanks, Diane! I’ll check it out! Really glad we get to stay connected even after your move! The world has become so much smaller thanks to technology! Love it❤️

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