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Darin and Me with Chase after the Greater Chicagoland Super Bowl Victory over the Naperville Patriots in Nov. 2011

December is one of my favorite months to be home. I love the preparations for Christmas, the get togethers, the time spent watching Christmas movies at night and just anticipating the upcoming events. December is never boring…on the contrary…we could use a few more days in December just to enjoy it all!

As for my job, December at Weight Watchers always includes the launch of our new program material and an exciting time to get to work with the dedicated members who continue to attend rather that “take a break” until the New Year. It’s the perfect time to roll out the new information and have plenty of time to personally work with all members to understand it and start putting it into practice.

For me though, this year, all of those things will have to wait for a few days. Chase, my 5th grader, plays on the Jr. PeeWee Travel Football team for the TriCity Chargers, and they recently won the Greater Chicagoland Super

Me and Chase today in Tampa, after their 46 to 13 WIN against the Seven Cities Silver Backs From Virginia. BTW....It was 80* and sunny! What a treat!!!!!!

Bowl to earn their spot to compete for the National Championship title! As you know, both my boys LOVE football, so Yahooo for Chase!!!!!! As for Chase’s family (and all the other players’ families), quite a bit of juggling and quick planning has been in order because the National Championship Tournament is in TAMPA, FLORIDA!!! I’m not at a point in my life where I can easily just pick up and leave town! My life doesn’t exactly “run it’s self” these days……but this isn’t about me. It’s something so special for Chase, that I gladly did all I could to make it happen. Chase is one of those kids who never asks for ANYTHING. We can’t even drag a Christmas gift list out of him! He’s a natural peace maker and will do everything in his power to make people around him (other kids OR adults) feel good about themselves and comfortable in every situation. It’s Chase’s unselfish demeanor that makes doing something special like this for him even more special for all of us. He’s beside himself with joy and excitement and I am proud to get to be down here to cheer him and his team to victory!! This is an experience for our family that will not soon be forgotten. Go Chargers!!

With that, I apologize for not being at our meetings with you this week for the launch of Points Plus 2012. I WILL BE BACK NEXT WEEK AND I WILL BE QUIZZING YOU ON THE NEW INFO!!!!!!!!! My quizzes just may involve prizes too, so pay attention and be ready!!!!! It’s so cool….you’re going to LOVE the flexibility it provides! The substitute leaders I have lined up are PHENOMENAL and we are all very anxious to get the 2012 party started!!!! I don’t like to miss a party and with the excitement of the new information, our meetings this week will be like a party, so DO NOT MISS THE MEETING!!! I’ve got plans to meet up with another WW leader down here, in Tampa, and I will be attending at least one meeting with her just for fun! Well, fun AND that I can use all the help I can get staying on program while traveling with the football team and eating out all week long right before the holidays! So let’s say it will be fun AND functional time that will be well spent! Chase won’t miss me for 30 minutes and it will be invaluable to me.

Let’s use the new information and enhancements of Points Plus 2012 to give ourselves a jump on the new year. It’s so empowering to know that we have the flexibility to enjoy the holidays AND continue on our healthy lifestyle journey. It’s all about choices and our program helps us make the wisest choices for OURSELVES. Because we all have different needs and wants, it’s important that we have an individual action plan personalized to fit our lives and what’s going on it them right now. Now, more than ever, we are getting that opportunity with the WW plan. Let’s take the opportunity to make it our own and enjoy the process!!

See you soon and I am hoping to have a tan!!!!!

Chase and his TriCity Chargers Head Coach, Dominick Donatelli, after the Greater Chicagoland Super Bowl Victory in November 2011 over the Naperville Patriots.

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  • Maureen
    December 12, 2011 at 12:41 pm


  • Sue B
    December 6, 2011 at 9:04 am

    How exciting! Good luck Chase! Go Chargers! Have a wonderful time! See you a week from Thursday.