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The Journey

Rest in Peace

“Why does our culture only say “Rest in peace” when we’re dead? Take five minutes today and rest in peace while it still does some good.” —Martha Beck

You know a quote is “speaking to you” when you cannot get it out of your thought. I cannot remember what I had for dinner last night without writing it down, I call my kids by each other’s names constantly and about once a month I seem to leave my WW flip charts at a meeting location and don’t realize it until I go to lead another meeting (at another location) and they are mysteriously “missing”. YET….I can recite this quote verbatim after reading it yesterday morning and hearing it play over and over in my head. I think the quote is shocking yet funny and WAY TOO TRUE!

All too often we are in need of some rest and down time but instead, we substitute food and keep on going. In fact, we’ve substituted eating for relaxation for so long that we now think eating IS relaxation or that we cannot relax without food!!! It’s not true but it feels true because it’s become habit. Give it some though and see if you can listen more closely to what your body needs and feeding that need with something other than food. “If hunger isn’t the problem, eating isn’t the solution.” Maybe this weekend we can make time for a little rest and relaxation in peace. It probably won’t just happen….so schedule it and make it happen!

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