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Turkey Sausage Egg Scramble

Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Crumbles, found in the refrigerated section of most grocery stores by the eggs. Serving Size: 2/3C. Fat: 4g Fiber: 0g Carb: 2g Protein: 11

Laughing Cow Cheeses are a STAPLE food and come in lots of flavors. The above are 3 of my favorites. They can be found at most grocery stores in the refrigerated section near the DELI. 1 PP per 1-2 wedges.

By popular demand I am posting Julie’s, now famous, Turkey Sausage Egg Scramble recipe! Julie lost 62 pounds on WW about 10 years ago and has been working as a receptionist for WW ever since. Although she has always stayed within her healthy goal range, she was excited about committing to the new Points Plus program to see if she could take off a few pounds and she DID! She’s lost 12 pounds since starting Points Plus and looks and feels even more amazing than ever! Above, you see the photo of the package of Turkey Sausage Crumbles that her recipe calls for and below is her email explaining the recipe herself. The turkey sausage crumbles can be found at most grocery stores, in the refrigerated meat section. If you cannot find the crumbles, most Jimmy Dean sausage links are 1 Points Plus (ALWAYS double check for yourself before you purchase!!!) per link or patty, so that can work too. I have also had a few members who didn’t use the whole egg, just the whites, and then added a wedge or two of Laughing Cow Cheese (1 PP per 2 wedges) to make a cheesy sausage egg scramble. YUM! Makes me hungry as I am writing about it!

Hi, hi, Terra…..

First of all, before I give you the recipe, I have to say I was so flattered that people even wanted it…I am so NOT the cook and almost never come up with creative simple ideas…so I hope this is helpful to others…it sure was for me!!!

Turkey Sausage/egg scramble

3 egg whites = 1 points plus point
1 egg = 2 points plus points
1/3 cup Jimmy Dean’s Turkey Sausage crumbles (note: this is a 1/2 serving)= 1 points plus point
A little fat free milk (not enough to count for a whole point) = 0 points plus
Any spices you wish to add (I LOVE to add a little cinnamon & Vanilla) = 0 points plus
4 points plus points

This “power food” is high in protein which helps me feel sustained longer and curbs my other cravings!

Have a great Sunday!


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