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My Challenge To You

Strong End, Not Weak End

“Any advice that doesn’t feel liberating is wrong. Ignore it.”——–—Martha Beck

Happy Friday! Another weekend upon us! Relaxing, having fun, spending timne with family and friends doesn’t mean you have to side track your weight loss progress. Whether the advice to “Have just one more bite” or “Come on, live a little, order dessert or another cocktail” comes from those around you OR your own inner voice it’s self, remember you don’t have to heed the call. We are grown ups–we make our own decisions based on our own values. As Ms. Beck advises, ignore any advice this weekend that’s not liberating.

Right now, staying in control of your eating is a top priority, so we must act in accordance with that goal. OVER indulging brings guilt and disappointment (not to mention weight gain) BUT controlled indulging is fun and satisfying and EMPOWERING–so by all means, go ahead and plan for it and enjoy! Feel the liberation of learning how to treat yourself AND lose weight at the same time. We have ONE life, which includes everything-work, our health, our family, our socializing, etc, and it’s going on right now all at once, so live it the way you’ve always imagined and have it ALL!! The choice is yours.

See you at the meeting!

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