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The Journey

Improving The World At Large, Starting With Ourselves

“In this interconnected universe, every improvement we make in our private world improves the world at large for everyone.. —–David Hawkins, author of Power Versus Force Everytime you think you don’t have time to take care of yourself……stop and remind yourself how important it is that you MAkE the time. No matter how giving of a person you are, we can’t give others what we don’t have. If you are over weight and not feeling good in your own body, there is no way you are going to have the same enthusiasm or energy to give others that you would if you felt healthier. The time is there, it’s up to us as to how we decide to use it. I know we are committed to our jobs, our families, our friends and our spouses and taking time out for ourselves seems challenging, but it’s more than worth it. It might mean putting off a project at home so that you can have an hour alone to get outside to walk or leaving a baseball game a little early to make time to get to the store for some fresh fruit and vegetables, but the world won’t stop! As the matter of fact, the world looks a whole lot brighter and you will be even more engaged in it when you’ve taken some time for yourself first. Stop any negative self talk and then take action by prioritizing what is really important to do right now. Move forward in this moment, one step at a time. Enjoy the journey!

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